My name is Jurgen Ziewe. I have been following a strict  regime of meditation since1969. In 1973, after a six month stint of intensive meditation for up to five hours a day, I decided to abandon the practice completely, being disappointed with the lack of progress and some negative side effects. Then one day out of the blue, at breakfast, I spontaneously experienced a total dissociation from my body and entered a state of what I can only describe as one of absolute clarity. After this I continued my meditation practice, and soon experienced a series of spontaneous Out-of-Body experiences. I directly attribute the spontaneous non-physical excursions that followed for the next forty years, to my powerful experience of consciousness singularity.

I have spent hundreds of hours, mostly in a super waking awareness, in these out-of-body states, which frequently lasted several hours at a time. I soon mapped out what I considered to be the multidimensional reality man inhabits after physical death.

Being a commercial illustrator it was natural for me to try and manifest the impressions in vivid 3D computer-generated images. I always dreamed of what it would be like to walk around inside these images and allow other people to get a glimpse of

Triggering Lucid Episodes during the dream state via VR when applied in the right way is the ultimate goal.

This is where ultimately the ASTRAL OVERVIEW EFFECT project needs to be aimed at, to see if VR environments can provide the right psychological triggers, which may lead to lucid awareness during the dream state. I would like to see VR Apps designed in such a way that their narrative is picked up and continued during dreams and with the right triggers in place arouse lucid awareness. 

Of course I am a one-man team, driven by the vision of an individual artist, obsessed by experiences wanting to be made accessible to many more people. Sponsorship will help me focus on this singular project for which I appear to be somewhat in a unique position as a consequence a life time’s training.

how these worlds would look like from the inside. My dream came true when in 2013 Oculus released one of the first development kits for Virtual Reality. I soon got to work and constructed Virtual Environments I could enter into, inspired by my Astral Journeys into the higher dimensional worlds. I even recreated a meditation experience of the Inner Tunnel of Light for which my friend and composer Craig Pruess provided the soundtrack. A 2D version of his VR Celestial Song can be watched on YouTube, but it is nothing compared to the “Real Thing” in VR, where you truly lose your sense of time and space.

However, technology has marched on since then, and once I have the financial means to upgrade I will release an updated version of the VR app.

But this is only the beginning. As technology advances the experiences will move closer and closer to real life hi fidelity with raytracing algorithm already applied in some of todays video games, which means what is delivered in 3D will be photo real, almost indistinguishable from actual photographs.

Once chip design for such powerful graphics engines brings these into mobile devices like an Oculus Quest, previous 2D screen art will become a truly living adventurous experience.

Bringing Astral Landscapes and environments to life is not simply a matter of creating the right kind of images. The most important aspect is recreating the sense of being in another world, but in full waking consciousness. Astral worlds have a distinct atmosphere you do not find on this physical earth and sceneries which simply can not exist here. To bring this “Otherness” to life requires attention to what happens in the mind and the heart during such a VR experience.

But no matter how hard we try, with all the technology in the world, VR will never be a substitute for actual Astral Travel and OBEs, and this is where I would like to direct my future efforts, VR as a tool to trigger Lucid Dreams.

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Jurgen released a series of video outlining what he has learned over the forty years he spent in the Afterlife States during OBEs
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Jurgen has documented his journeys Out of Body in two books where he journaled his experiences: