CELESTIAL CHANTS - Musician/Composer Craig Pruess who wrote the piece "108 Sacred Chants" supplied the sound track to this Virtual Reality Meditation Project. The idea was to take people on an inner journey using chants and mandalas to get to a place of stillness. Visually it is based on a deep meditation experiences.

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This is an updated version of the original pre SDK 0.6, "Angel of the Earth" by platinum album composer Craig Pruess. This one is two minutes longer and includes powerful mantric chants by Tibetan monks in the original language

The music compositions of Craig Pruess are based on inspiration gained during his deep meditation and often involve the use of ancient mantras. This spacious, ethereal, and deeply healing sound track from Craig's album "Angel of the Earth" introduces the amazing 56 string MONOCHORD, a healing instrument that you lie on! Ilyana, the vocalist, is also a sound healer, Reiki practioner and yoga teacher from Somerset, UK. Craig and Ilyana have spent many months capturing this incredible sound. The unique collaboration of these two masters of healing sound also features sitar, tambura, Native American Indian flute, and Ilyana's haunting, other-worldly vocal sounds.


AFTER THE PLAGUE - is a virtual reality exploration which was inspired by an Out-of-Body experience in a darker realm.  “I wanted to recreate the feeling I had. For the App I themed it differently, a medieval town with the population wiped out after the plague.

After The PlagueWindows_into_the_next_dimension_files/Plague-0.8-DK2.zip

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