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Astral Overview Effects Scenes

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The ASTRAL OVERVIEW EFFECT is the change of consciousness that takes place when people had and Astral Projection or Out-of-Body experience which often has a dramatic effect on people’s lives and possibly changes their outlook forever. Without the experience it is difficult or almost impossible to give an accurate account of what it is like.

The Astral Overview Effect Project is a highly focused effort, based on personal experience, to use Virtual Reality to give people a more immersive understanding of what a visit into an Astral level may feel like.

As a lifelong Astral Traveller, who has spend hundreds of hours in higher dimensional realities, combined with my abilities as an illustrator, makes it compelling to put this combination into service, in hope of broadening our understanding. So far we have relied only on verbal testimonies, but feeling is an important aspect of understanding these phenomena. Recreating it imersively via virtual Reality it is hoped that people may get a better understanding of these otherworldly experiences in a very lucid way.

Sadly, although my expertise has increased I am retired and rarely work as a commercial artist. Instead I rely on my pension to do my R & D. That is why I need your help, to upgrade my equipment and software which is long overdue.

Any extra funds covering more than the essential basic will be ploughed into the project to subcontract

programmers and extra help where needed.

stations. Implementing this will give me the time slot needed to get prepared, to push my R & D to its limits when the time comes. It will be a labour of love, combined with high tech and the inevitable frustration and late nights such labour intensive work entails. But my vision is strong, my passion powerful to deliver living works of art hopefully able to shift peoples joy to a level of inspiration creating an Astra Overview Effect. There are worlds beyond worlds which I am carrying around with me, waiting to come alive and be shared. In the meantime, as support grows, I will aim to make some of the Virtual Reality, which I developed in 2014, like “Celestial Song”, to be run on a mobile VR device like Oculus Quest.

Sponsorship donations will go to directly to Jurgen Ziewe via 3D Illustrations Ltd

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Sponsorship donations will go to directly to Jurgen Ziewe via 3D Illustrations Ltd

Please allow 24 hours for the Download Link
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The name for this project was borrowed from NASA Astronauts who had the rare opportunity of seeing our world from space and then reported a change in their consciousness on return, which they referred to as the “Overview Effect”. This is a feeling so often reported by Astral Travellers, when they return to their bodies having witnessed the world from a completely unknown perspective.


A fully immersive sensory experience into Life-After-Death simulation via the new tools of Virtual Reality

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This is for YOU, the sponsors, and how you will benefit. If you make a donation to the project of £10 or more, you will receive a link to my 2D concept images, which you can download in high resolution, 4K format for personal use on your screen or in your home. In addition you will receive a link to the website where progress of my R & D is logged and those, who already own a VR headset, such as the Oculus Go or Quest, will in due course be able to sample the progress of the development via VR stills, and thereby getting a taste of things to come as in the images below which you can already try out. The vision though aims a lot higher, at technology able to resolve detail with raytracing, radiosity, high resolution rendering, which has yet to materialise on mobile devices, but is already here on powerful work

Beyond the Summerland


New illustrated Afterlife Book

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