Jurgen Ziewe is known for his Fantasy Art which adorned the book covers of some of our most popular science fiction authors in the nineties. He was one of the first 3d illustrators using 3d software to not only produce book covers but also consumer poster of which over 2 million were sold, resulting in a book of his pioneering CG work. Nearly 20 years on he is taking his art form literally into another dimension, by inviting the viewer to actually visit his fantasy universes via Virtual Reality. The video above is the start of a project which will give science fantasy art lover a glimpse into a world that will open up for them in full immersive virtual reality.

“Whenever I designed a book cover on my computer I always wanted to actually be there, now the dream has come reality and I can invite people to share the worlds I have created in person, rather than watching it as an image or a video,” he says.

Jurgen built his career a a CG artist catering for a host of well known multinational clients and ad agencies, though his passion belongs to the creation of fantasy worlds and universes, which are largely inspired by his lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences, the results of lifelong meditation and the sublime atmosphere of his work reflects these.

“I am planning to use 3D spacial sounds and music, emanating from the environment, plants and and even the hills. Like in real nature, the artificial nature will sing and speak and promote new emotions in tune with the features and colours of the landscapes, the Mother of Pearl mountains and crystal rocks. It won’t be a game, but an otherworldly experience, where alien creatures shyly scuttle for safety rather than attack you as you approach and who knows what else you will encounter.”

Lots of the blue prints for his virtual worlds already exist and are just waiting to be transferred into Unity 3D. He is eagerly awaiting Unity 5 with the enhancement of global illumination and powerful sound design features. All of the artwork can already be downloaded as screen savers, but it will be the Oculus Rift which will grant entry into the actual worlds, mind, body and spirit. The project will be musically supported by Production Music Online Ltd, who will guarantee true 3D sound design via Dolby Surround Sound and the talents of composer and musician Patrick Wilson, who will be in charge of hiring professional sopranos and a symphonic orchestra if needed.

This won’t be a game a game, but  a journey into a fantasy mind, conjuring up worlds never visited or seen before, with its own unique atmosphere and life, where you may just glance and take pictures of exotic, which you can take back from your journey into a different dimension.

Please feel free to explore his other galleries and download the images to your desktop.

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