Jurgen Ziewe makes his livelihood by working as a commercial illustrator in the advertising and publishing industry. His work is sought after by major advertising agencies, publishers and clients thoughout the world.

(The image above shows a 3D illustration produced as a large 96 sheet poster for Schroders.)

His view is that pictures are everywhere. That they can be composed or “hunted”  just like our forefathers did when hunting game. That photography fulfils a primordial need and gives us the satisfaction of collecting trophies.

(The image above shows a still from a photo shoot for a London restaurant.)

To access the source of creation and creativity Jurgen Ziewe pursued a disciplined regime of meditation throughout his life which lead to countless Out-of-Body experiences, recorded in journals and finally published as a book “Multidimensional Man”.

(Above detail of the book cover and link to the website supporting the book)

The painting is as much about energy as it is about exposing the charisma or soul of our human existence. In the end the figure has to succumb to its core reality, that it is no more and no less than any other form of consciousness making up our Universe.

(Above detail is of one of Jurgen Ziewe’s paintings

Some of the artwork in the gallery can now be ordered directly as a print, poster or Canvas print, produced  at the highest quality, ready for framing.

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