Work in Progress - 11 - Sept 2020

Work is  beginning on Project 4 already: I decided it is best to continue creating 3D VR video after the success of the last one, which is basically an animation taking people on a 8 to 10 minute tour through the higher regions, surrounded in it. Craig will hopefully find time to produce the sound scape. I will expand on this, using the same world I have already created but different aspects and conditions. While I am immersed in the creation I am heading calls for including people and creatures.

In order to do this I decided I need to invest in additional software, which of course your sponsorship money allowed me to do. I cant even imagine how I managed to do without it for so long, although I already designed the celestial gown of an angelic being.

11th Sept - Updates

Please help make lucid dreams come real

Sponsorship donations will go to directly to Jurgen Ziewe via 3D Illustrations Ltd

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14th Sept - Updates

New Oculus Quest VR headset out now

more powerful - higher resolution - more storage - lighter

21st Sept - Update

Inother journey into the regions of selestial light: Thisl App is based on a project I started in 2016, but never completed because after Oculus released a new Headset the new software was no longer compatible. However, four years later things have changed dramatically and now we can expect technology leaping ahead massively from now on.

You can download this experience here accompanied by the divine sounds of Craig Pruess.

22nd Sept - Update

Can VR be turned into a tool for Lucid Dream induction?

This will take a large part of my development time: I am starting research in VR as a Lucid Dream induction device. So from now on there will now be mostly progress reports. No VR apps for a while I imagine (unless I can’t help myself).

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