Work in Progress - 03 - Dec 2020

Exploring new visions in VR, is like landing on a new undiscovered planet. The initial vision changes the moment you set foot in it and can change by the hour. So quite often I design various versions and then find it hard to decide to decide the direction to take it into and the final VR App can be many versions away.

Just changing the atmosphere can make a huge difference in the experience, even adjusting the flight path can give a completely new experience. The there is always somthing missing that only become apparant when the App is completed and viewed with the headset.

Further explorations of sublime environments

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Work Starting - 22 - Dec 2020:

What does it feel like to have an Out-of-Body Experience?

Exploring The Out-of-Body Experience in VR, is probably the closest we will ever get to the feeling of what it is like to have an OBE with Astral Travel without actually having an Out-of-Body experience. This is still in the planning stages but will include various aspect of OBEs, such as leafing the body, explore the house, leave through the window or roof, enter a tunnel, void with light, enter a near Earth Astral dimension, entering higher Astral states etc.

If you don’t see any more during the next few weeks it will means that I am working on it. I imagine this project will take a few months. So watch this space as I will keep an update here.


This project is taking a little longer. I have to get my head around two new programs I am learning in order to properly simulate how an Out-of-Body experience unfold.  On the right is the initial scene I created for this simulation. We are in a suburb of a town, in a bedroom, where the OB is taking place. The next step will be creating the person - you - who will have the experience. For this I need to earn more skills and expertise.

OBE simulation update 21 - Jan 2021