Work in Progress - 2 - June  / July 2020

Work is beginning in Earnest: The problem with the Oculus Quest Linlk Cable still needs solving. An Oculus technician suggested it’s my cable’s fault and directed me to buy one of theirs, which is a whopping £79 instead of £19 which I paid. Sadly going to their link they had sold out. Never mind, I still have my iMac to carry on with the creative part of the work.

The first App I will be creating on my journey through the Astral realms will be the Lower Astral levels to start with and then we will work our way up, towards the light, naturally. So in the app you will visit an afterlife realm where characters of low moral standing dwell, negative, out for themseives. with little regard for others. As a result not many people will wish to be near them. A lonely, dark place. Any friends sharing this habitat, are most likely of the same ilk.

In life they may have been blessed with a guardian Angel, a mother, a well meaning friend, a brother or sister. But being “dead “something inside will need to attract ‘Helpers”, a spark of light has to be found somewhere. But for the time being they are trapped in a dark and lonely place. Unsurprisingly, not many people wish to be here voluntarily.

So you are now in this place, visiting, you have no choice. You are trapped as they are, who are trying to find your way out of the place, but it’s like a labyrinth. Wherever you go you only find yourself back at the beginning.

Its the dark, lower Astral realm, where we start our journey.  There are hundreds of equally dark environments to be found on these levels of consciousness, which can be as diverse as human depravity. But we will rise higher, to more uplifting and enchanting realms. It’s a long journey. Be patient. This first one is just one of many and if you like we will visit a few others, equally dark, just for the experience or for “The Hell of It”.


28th June - The Lower Astral

The first VR App: This work is based on an experience I described in my book “Vistas of Infinity” on Page 69. The environment is surprisingly accurate. I based it on a model by a company called TrippleBrick. These guys obviously have been there.

It is as I described on the left.

Unfortunately the state of technology still limits what can be done. The graphic quality is set on medium to make the frame rate acceptable, but it is still on the low side. Fortunately, on the lower Astral, lokomotion is slow, we are not getting anywhere fast. It is like walking through treacle. Our freedom is limited. Thinking of flying? Forget it. You are lucky to be able to walk. The atmosphere is not very nice, animal noise, shouts for help can be heard from various quarters of this desolate lower Astral town, but it will get better, eventually. You will have a guide. You are simply an Astral Traveller, like I was when I visited this realm for real.

Once the App is ready it will appear on the right here, but I still needS a little more work, a few more days. So keep checking in.

Please help make lucid dreams come real

Sponsorship donations will go to directly to Jurgen Ziewe via 3D Illustrations Ltd

The Lower Astrals Completed

Version 1.0: - Download below

Time to celebrate!

THE LOWER ASTRALS V 1.0 is completed. If you have an Oculus Quest it is time now to summon your courage and visit the lower Astral Realms. A lonely place, dark, forsaken, voices pleading for help. Your progress is slowed down, because here your energy is limited. It is like walking through treacle. It’s hard to get out too. You inevitably end up in the same place your started from, because it is a matter of consciousness and not a matter of time and space like it is here.

Take your time exploring the place. You might as well as you are here. Feel the atmosphere, climb up stairs. Spend time to contemplate what it is like to be stranded on the lower astral realms. But this is not THE lower Astral Realm. It is one of an unlimited number. We shall see and visit others.

In time we will raise our vibration and rise out, up towards the more normal existence, we are used to down here, on our trusted Earth.

29th June - The Lower Astrals V-1.0

To Download the App to your Oculus Quest you will need to download VRSideloader from Headjack for Apple Mac or PC which is free. To download the Lower Astral Virtual Reality App click this link below:

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