Work in Progress - 3 - July 2020

Work is entering a new level: After two weeks of trying to find out why I could not connect my Oculus to my PC I finally succeeded by replacing the motherboard, the processor and new faster Ram. This of course means I can now tackle the images I set out to produce in VR. The first tests are promising, but I am not certain they will return a frame rate which is acceptable to the enjoyment of the immersion. But here are a few stills of some of the higher celestial/Astral regions people will soon be able to immerse themselves into, accompanied by the divine music of Craig Pruess:

21st August - Updates

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Too big to handle. After unsuccessfully trying to turn my scenery into an VR App I decided to go for 8K Stereoscopic video. This has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are: regardless of how complex the scenery the VR experience will be smooth and can be played back even on a mobile phone with a VR Case. The disadvantage is, even at 4K resolution the image quality will be rather on the soft side. I have not even tried to render at 8K as yet, but I will. Rendering will take a whole day and a bit to render 9 minutes of scenery  and I am not sure the Oculus Quest will be able to handle the playback, but it is worth a try.

As always, there is a glitch, the soundtrack, which is absolutely essential, does not copy across at present. So at present I play it separately until I find the bug.

I have to say the work is otherwise hugely enjoyable being surrounded by your creations. I can’t get enough and I am keen to share it with you all, hopefully very soon. But this work really takes time. So I guess it will be a couple more weeks at least until I have something presentable to show.

28th August - Updates

The first test went fantastically well., Daswan Dwar - The Land of the Mystics.

Weeks of work seem to be paying off. The file will be massive but the quality will make up for it. What I learned creating it will help me with all the other projects I am planning for the future. This a is the absolute opposite from the first one which has taken the experiencer into the dark, lower Astral Realm.

31st August - NEARLY THERE!

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