Work in Progress - 3 - July 2020

Verssion Lower Astrals V1.1 update: The first launch has its first update for the Oculus Quest, though for the Oculus Go movement controllers will need to be installed first before it it can be used on the GO. Until then please use this download for the Quest only which has some minor improvements regarding sound and atmosphere.

3rd July - Updates

Please help make lucid dreams come real

Sponsorship donations will go to directly to Jurgen Ziewe via 3D Illustrations Ltd

To Download the App to your Oculus Quest you will need to download VRSideloader from Headjack for Apple Mac or PC which is free.

Alternatively you can use SiderQuest VR which also gives you instructions and a video of how to install it and use it.

To counter balance this rather dark adventure into the lower Astral reams: I am working on something more uplifting right now. Coming up next ............

7th July - Updates

My Composer Friend Craig Pruess not so long ago sent me a piece of music to be used in a Virtual Reality simulation of a deep state of meditation and this is what I am working on at the moment. It will be 12 minutes long, but mobile VR is struggling with the frame rate. So it will need to be “optimized” which of course can mean compromised. Although I have  a working version the frame rate lets it down. For now I will work on it for PC VR, to get the maximum quality which his music deserves. Later I will worry about making it accessible for the Quest.

Craig, like myself, has been meditating for over forty years and connects to higher consciousness which he channels straight into his sounds. An amazing privilege working with him, a truly inspired artist as well as philanthropist. 

15th July - Updates

I finally optimized this App and it is ready to go though there is room for improvement. There allways is.

19th July - Updates

The generosity of my supporters has meant that I am able to send an Oculus Quest to my friend and collaborator Craig Pruess who will be designing the 3D sounds and the music which is absolutely essential for this project. With the help of him being able to get into the space, he will be pinpointing the directions the sounds are coming from which will make it a much more immersive experience. So my heart felt thank you again to all of you who have shown such generosity of spirit and physical support.

31st July - Updates

Just returned from my holiday break which I used to brush up on my traditional drawing and painting skills with paint and brushes in the beautiful Devon countryside. The good thing with traditional art is, its cheep and it doesn’t crash, unlike computer software. But then with a brush you cannot create Virtual Worlds you can enter into and become part of it.

Tomorrow I will start working on Desktop VR, which is many times more powerful and will allow me to bring things to life which are simply not possible with mobile VR. This will show me how far I can take the technology, and I can’t wait to get started after my break.

20th August - Updates

A long gap and some profound system updates. As it turned out my computer was overheating and failed to connect to the VR headset via the link cable (which I had already replaced) when I felt it was essential producing new Apps on my PC rather than the iMac, on which I designed the first two Apps.

After a long to and fro with Oculus engineers I called in a PC specialist who recommended a complete hardware overhaul not just the graphics card I had installed. So I ended up with a new motherboard, new USB-C ports, processor and extra Ram. I tested it and all now works like clockwork. Unity then asked me to renew my license and now I am up and ready for more serious work.

I decided do produce all work from now on to desktop VR standards. Reason No 1 being I can always scale it down for mobile VR (within limits) like the Oculus Quest. Reason No 2 is that VR is not mainstream as yet and it will take at least 3 more years for VR headsets to be more like a pair of sunglasses (see picture below) to be more accessible and acceptable to the wider public. At which point headsets will be twice as powerful and half the price, and desktop VR projects will transport more easily to Mobile VR. This is also the point at which VR will begin to be more commonly accepted, more like smart phone. People will find it easer to jump into VR and conduct meetings or connect to friends and relatives at almost any location in the world or out of this world, chatting as if they were present.

The upcoming generation of Virtual Reality headsets?

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